उत्साहो बलवानार्य नास्त्युत्साहात्परं बलम्।
सोत्साहस्य च लोकेषु न किंचिदपि दुर्लभम्॥

Enthusiasm is an important quality of all great individuals. There does not seem anything more powerful than enthusiasm. There is nothing impossible for an individual who is full of enthusiasm.

INDAM Publications

1. Crony Capitalism in India: Establishing Robust Counteractive Institutional Frameworks

Editors: Khatri, Naresh, Ojha, Abhoy (Eds.)

About: Crony Capitalism in India provides a comprehensive and scholarly examination of the important topic of crony capitalism, filling an important gap in the market. Bringing together experts from various backgrounds, it addresses the key underpinnings of this complex and multifarious issue. Given the emergent nature of the Indian economy, this book provides important information for decision makers in both government and business to help establish a robust institutional framework that is so desperately needed both in India and globally.


2. Spirituality in Management: Insights from India

Editors: Mishra, Sushanta, Varma, Arup (Eds.)

About: With spirituality being brought to the fore of management and organisation studies, this timely collection takes a closer look at the relationship between religion and work in India. Bringing together experts from various backgrounds, this book provides a comprehensive review of the topic, addressing its key underpinnings and complexities. Spirituality in Management is divided into four sections, covering the evolution of workplace spirituality, its causes, characteristics and outcomes, and culminating in a critical analysis. A thought-provoking read for scholars, students and policy-makers, this book provides an Indian perspective on managing spirituality at work, and offers insights into successful organisational practice.


3. Business Responsibility and Sustainability in India: Sectoral Analysis of Voluntary Governance Initiatives

Editors:Arora, Bimal, Budhwar, Pawan, Jyoti, Divya (Eds.)

About:On the backdrop of the institutionalisation of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability, and the emergence of multi-stakeholder-driven voluntary regulation, this timely collection places special emphasis on India and explores its international voluntary sustainability standards. The authors analyse the adoption and implementation of voluntary governance initiatives across a range of industries, offering insightful sectoral discussion and evaluation of voluntary sustainability standards as forms of transnational private regulation. This book will be of interest to anyone researching CSR, sustainability and supply chain management in emerging markets.