Indian management research, education, and practice are growing by leaps and bounds. We at the Indian Academy of Management (INDAM) want to contribute and be part of the Indian growth story by being a conduit of Indian management research, education, and practice. Since its inception in 2007, INDAM has offered free membership. We, at INDAM, have been receiving requests at an increasing rate from participants of INDAM research conferences and workshops for formal membership. Thus, to meet this popular request as well as to enhance INDAM’s offerings, we are considering formalizing the membership of INDAM at affordable rates. In exchange for the paid membership, INDAM members will receive several benefits such as:
  1. Discount of 20% on registration fees for INDAM sponsored research conferences and workshops.
  2. A free copy of any INDAM conference proceedings.
  3. Access to Advanced Research Methods workshops delivered by world leading academics.
  4. Access to CARMA’s research methods education resources as part of their membership benefits. For more information refer the resources page or announcement page and read about INDAM-CARMA Affiliate Program.
  5. Access to subject specific Master Classes delivered by world leading academics.
  6. Access to videos of past INDAM research workshops.
  7. Eligibility for the authorship of INDAM book series and membership of the editorial board of any future INDAM sponsored books or journal.
  8. Eligibility to apply for getting INDAM research funding.
  9. Eligibility for contesting elections for INDAM officer bearers and executive committee members.
  10. Eligibility to vote in INDAM elections.
  11. Opportunities for networking and mentoring by world leading academics.  
  12. Access to INDAM list-server and INDAM membership list.
  13. Access to teaching materials such as course syllabi through the INDAM website.


1000 /1 year
  • (India and SAARC countries)
  • Individual


1500 /1 year
  • (India and SAARC countries)
  • Individual


2500 /1 year
  • (India and SAARC countries)
  • Individual

Indian college/university

40000/1 year
  • Individual

Students (International)

$25/1 year
  • Individual

Academicians (International)

$50/1 year
  • Individual

Practitioners (International)

$100 /1 year
  • Individual

Foreign college/university

$1250/1 year
  • Individual