गते शोको न कर्तव्यो भविष्यं नैव चिन्तयेत् ।
वर्तमानेन कालेन वर्तयन्ति विचक्षणाः॥
बीते हुए समय का शोक नहीं करना चाहिए और भविष्य के लिए परेशान नहीं होना चाहिए, बुद्धिमान तो वर्तमान में ही कार्य करते हैं ।



The name of this non-profit corporation is the INDIAN ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT. It is hereinafter referred to in these Bylaws as “INDAM”. INDAM has three basic aims:

  1. To spearhead the creation and dissemination of knowledge on Indian businesses, organizations, and other institutions both within and outside India.
  2. To influence business and management policy and education.
  3. To act as a resource to develop the next generation of researchers and educators in India.


  1. General Powers. The property, affairs, and business of the INDAM shall be managed and controlled by its Board of Governors. The Board of Governors may by general resolution delegate to officers and committees of INDAM such powers as provided for in the Bylaws.
  2. Number, Election, and Qualification of Governors. The Board of Governors shall, initially, consist of twelve (12) voting members and those ex-officio, non-voting members as designated by the Board.
  3. The President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, 4 Executive Committee members, and 4 scholars of repute, as nominated by the President. Past Presidents of INDAM will automatically become permanent members of the Board of Governors upon the completion of their term(s). However, Past Presidents will not be voting members – instead, they will help guide the board in its activities, by drawing upon their experience and expertise.

Elections and Terms

  1. The Past President will serve as Chair of the Elections Committee, which shall comprise the President and Vice-President. This committee will invite nominations, including self-nominations, for all open positions. The nominations will be considered by the Board, and the final candidates placed on the ballot. The succession process detailed in Sec. 2.3.d. will automatically list the Vice-President as President-elect, and the other candidates identified through the nomination process. In each case, members may write-in an alternate candidate. The Elections Committee will be responsible for conducting the process, including sending out to the membership the ballot, sending at least 2 reminders, and tabulating final results. The Elections Committee shall have the final results independently verified and certified by an academic/professional who is not a member of, nor affiliated with, INDAM.
  2. Elected officers will serve on the Board of Governors so long as they remain an officer of the INDAM.
  3. Elected representatives shall serve a term not to exceed two (2) years.
  4. In order to provide continuity to the activities of the academy, the following automatic nomination process will be followed:
  5. At the end of the 2-year term, the Vice-President will automatically be listed as the President-elect.